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Appointment fixing process & timeframe Time Frame
To ensure availability of the doctor/medical expert, 6 hours prior notification is needed 6 hours
For appointments on the same day 7 AM till 11 AM
For appointments on the next day till 12 noon 7 AM till 5 PM
For appointments on the next day after 12 noon 7 AM till 10 PM
The COGNATE HEALTH SERVICES Healthcare Membership Plan takes care of all preventive & pre-hospitalization healthcare needs, providing free or subsidized services across the following categories:
  • Dentists
  • Doctors of virtually all specializations
  • Pathology labs
  • Radiology labs
  • Healthcare @ Home Service
  • Dial a Doctor – You can receive medical advices related to routine or minor illnesses instantly over the phone from a Qualified medical practitioner.
  • Concessional Benefits@ Hospitals & Medical Centers

Additional Features :

  • 2nd Opinion: If you would like to have a second opinion for critical diseases, COGNATE HEALTH SERVICES will help arrange this free of cost from expert doctors on the COGNATE HEALTH SERVICES panel. This feature is available on select membership plans only.
  • Doctor Chat - Chat with an medical expert instantly online for FREE .
Preventive Healthcare Plans are a new concept in India, but otherwise Preventive Healthcare Plans are an internationally acclaimed concept, as old as 30 years in the developed nations, especially the United States of America and Europe, where more than 40% of all patients in these countries are Preventive Healthcare Plan members.
The Cognate Healthcare Plan offers benefits that help you to save money on your day-to-day preventive and pre -hospitalization medical expenses. Insurance on the other hand typically covers you against serious illnesses when you are hospitalized. So, Cognate Healthcare Membership Plans and Health Insurance are not competing products, but instead products that offer end-to-end benefits for all your health care needs.
The Cognate network covers virtually most doctor specializations, for example:
  • General Physicians
  • Pediatricians
  • Orthopedics
  • Gynecologists
  • Cardiologist
  • Dermatologist
  • Neurologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Oncologist etc.

On the dental side as well, all dental specializations are covered.

Only those doctors are added to the network who meet the rigorous empanelment criteria decided by Cognate’s panel of medical experts. Some of the criterion that they need to meet is:
  • Master’s Degree
  • Registered Doctors
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience
  • Cognate’s quality certification on clinic’s hygiene standards
You will receive the Cognate Healthcare Plan Membership Card(s) within 14 working days after realization of your payment. In the unlikely event that you do not receive the card within this time period, please call up the Cognate Helpdesk .
The validity of the Cognate - Thyrocare Preventive Health-check packages is for 6 months. However, we encourage our Members to use the package as soon as possible, as these tests will help you get an accurate picture of your present health. Also, The Preventive Health-check Packages are to used by valid Cognate members only. All packages is to be availed within the Package’s validity period, including appointment request. The package(s) must be utilized before the package's expiry date.
You are very lucky that you have been keeping healthy so far. However, unfortunately we cannot assume that this will Continue to be the case. This is like paying for an insurance premium – you hope that you do not have to use it, but if something Does happen, it will make things easier for you. Also, you should not only wait for an illness to happen to use an Cognate Healthcare Membership Card – it can help take care of your health care for check-ups, medical advice, medical opinion, dental care etc. at a Lower cost.
Cognate Health Services is an Private Limited Company. Cognate Health Services was formed with the Mission of making high quality healthcare services more affordable in India. As a first step, Cognate has launched Healthcare Membership plans – a first of its kind concept in India, with many more health related services to be launched in the future.
No, IRDA is a regulatory body that governs the working of insurance companies in India. As Cognate Health Services is not an insurance company, it does not come under IRDA.
: NO, Cognate Health Services Is not a government company. It is an organization formed by professional who have joined Hands for the causes of promoting better healthcare in the country.
may address all your queries to service@cognatehealthorganisation.com.
No! there is absolutely no age limits or age cover restrictions for cognate health check plan membership.
In a family membership up to 4 members can be covered. If there any more members In the family additional individual/couple/family members can be purchased.
To ensure a uniformly high level of service. Cognate has been very selective about The medical practitioner empanelled of there network, using strict criterion defined by a panel Of medical experts. Moreover Cognate has only partnered with medical practitioners who believe in the cause of promoting better preventive health awareness in the country, and are not doing this for commercial gains.This may mean that you have to travel a little more to find an cognate empanelled medical practitioner. However you will be able to be assured on the quality of service.
Cognate constantly reviews its doctor network based on member feedback. There for There is a small possibility that a doctor may be dropped from the cognate network from time To time. However cognate will always ensure that a suitable new doctor is added to the network as a replacement, So that your needs are taken care of.
The Cognate Health care membership plans focuses on the pre-hospitalization Medical expenses. Where there is no medical insurance available. Products like surgeries are typically covered through health insurance scheme. However for smaller surgeries like lasik contract or whatever is performed by doctor within clinic. Cognate member are entitled for for the concessions.
Yes it is possible for you to gift this card to someone by paying the annual membership fee for the first year.As per your instructions we can send the memberhip card either to you or the person you are gifting it to. However your own Cognate health care plan membership card is not transferable and cannot use by anyone else.
Cognate is confident that you will not have any reason to be unhappy with the service provided by provide on cognate health care membership plan. However if by chance you have a bad Experience or not happy with our service, please call us up and we will look into this matter
You will receive the welcome pack within 14 days after realization of your payment Of annual membership fee.
Please note example of your potential savings in an year through the preventive health check plan.

Saving Matrix of Benefits (Yearly)

Doctor Consultation Rs 500*20 Rs 10000/- Rs 10000/- Rs 5000/- Rs 5000/-
Pathology Rs 500*4 Rs 2000/- Rs 2000/- Rs 1400/- Rs 600/-
Radiology Rs 500*20 Rs 4000/- Rs 4000/- Rs 2800/- Rs 1200/-
Dietician Rs 500*4 Rs 2000/- Rs 2000/- - Rs 2000/-
Pharmacy Rs 2000*12 Rs 24000/- Rs 24000/- Rs 20400/- Rs 3600/-
Dental Consultation Rs 500*2 Rs 1000/- Rs 1000/- - Rs 1000/-
Dental Treatment Rs 3000*1 Rs 3000/- Rs 3000/- Rs 2100/- Rs 900/-
IPD/ Admit Rs 20000/- Rs 20000/- Rs 20000/- Rs 17000/- Rs 3000/-
TOTAL EXPENSE Rs 660000 Rs 66000/- Rs 48700/- Rs 17300/-


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